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Throughout the years, my family and I have relied on web content for a variety of topics.   We use this resource to cover topics from education, research, entertainment, and as a way to pass some time.  As time goes on, my wife seems to latch on to sites geared towards other women like herself.  She is drawn to sites to are geared towards other moms, arts & crafts, and her latest attraction is running and marathon training.

Im a father to two young daughters, and in a household where I am the only male.  As some would put it, I am outnumbered.  Prior to my first child, if you were to tell me if I would be carrying a Tinker Bell backpack through a store, or making sure I had the proper color of pink hair-clip to match a shirt,  id think you were nuts.

Fast-forward nearly five years and Tinker Bell doesn’t even phase me.  As a matter of fact, being used as a “model” for hair-clips and hair brushing doesn’t even phase me.  Now, that doesn’t mean I go out in public like that, but I am certain I have left the house with a Barbie or Tinker Bell sticker on my shirt at least twice.  When I discovered aid sticker so proudly attached to my shirt, I couldn’t help but laugh.

I have decided to create Not The Mom as a way to document the moments I encounter as a father, husband, and technology & gadget geek.   The name is simply a descriptive way of saying “I don’t always do things like Mom would.”  In addition to that, “not the mom dot com” has a smooth easy delivery from a wordsmith perspective.



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